Feb. 2nd, 2005

x_bartlet: (the paperwork never ends)
I'm thinking of running some field trips over the semester, and we have a few options. We're looking at the following:

1) FBI headquarters in New York. I can pull a few strings and get a small group in for a tour of the coal face, including talking to a couple of old work buddies.

2) Criminal Court. Courts are generally open to the public, except in special cases, so this wouldn't take too much difficulty arranging. I warn you - it's not all Law & Order. Most cases are long and boring, but I can try and find a couple of juicy ones.

3) NYPD: Again with the string-pulling. Including a look at the cells, if things aren't too busy. Also includes talking to a couple of people about being a cop.

Also, if there's interest and I can swing it, I was thinking maybe a trip out to Quantico to talk to some of the forensic investigation types about what they do. That would take a lot of string pulling, though.

Oh, and Nathan, Haroun? I want to nab both of you for guest spots, given your perspectives on the whole law thing. Let me know when you're free?


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