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Apr. 25th, 2013 04:55 pm
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This is the IC Phase 1 journal for Dr. Madelyn Bartlet. This journal is no longer active and Madelyn has been retired permanently. For more details, check out the Wiki entry.

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And earlier than I'd planned, but I just got a call from my brother and Dad's had an angina attack and is in hospital. So, I'm leaving this afternoon to go see him and make sure things are okay and help Mom out with getting him home when it's allowed. Hank, I'll call you to let you know if plans have changed, but otherwise I'll see you on the 12th. Jean, Moira, sorry to leave you in the lurch, but there's that locum Charles mentioned bringing in at some point to cover if there's an emergency. *hugs you both* Will miss you horribly.

Kurt, Clarice, Jubilee, Rahne... I'm leaving Christmas gifts for you via Jean. Go mob her before the day. So sorry to run out like this, but I hope you understand. Haroun, no being mean to whoever takes up your physio. *grins* Just because I don't understand Arabic doesn't mean the telepaths can't figure out what you're calling them. ;)

Merry Christmas, all. And don't forget, anyone wanting to visit in Edinburgh is very welcome.
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It's no secret that the last few months have been a bit stressful for medlab people. Actually "utterly hellish" would probably cover it. But the insanity has made me realise something that I needed to sooner rather than later so maybe it's not such a bad thing.

I've already spoken to a couple of people quietly about this, but it's time I - or rather we, since this covers Hank too - let people in on things. Basically? I'm taking up a job in Edinburgh, running the Foundation Moira and I started last year. It needs someone on the ground there to make sure things run properly and it's a great opportunity for me to expand my career. Hank's got some part-time research work, which means he'll have more time to devote to Billy and other things. We're leaving around the second week of December in order to do the family Christmas thing before leaving entirely, and we should be there for New Year's.

We've talked to Moira and Jean and the Professor, and arrangements have been made for a replacement medic to come in or for one of the teleporters to get either one of us in emergencies.

I know our leaving will upset some people and I'm sorry for that, but sometimes you have to move on and it's that time for me now. Thank you all for your friendship and kindness and remember, we'll be only a short 'port away.


Nov. 6th, 2005 06:26 pm
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Given Scott's stabilised and Jean and Moira have things well in hand, I've come back a day or two earilier than the rest of them. The flight was hell, and I think I'm coming down with a cold, so I'm turning in now and you'll see more of me tomorrow.
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I'm sticking around Seattle to help out with Scott and the other dozens of people hurt during the riots. I should be home in a few days. Classes - such as the ones I'm still actually teaching go - will be suspended until then. I've asked Wanda to break out the emergency reading kit I keep for these sorts of eventualities.

Everyone who was there did a great job. Yes, even those 'stuck' in the hotel. You have no idea how much of a relief it was knowing you guys were out of the mess.
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Thank God Carlie's not here. It's insane out there.

And now to get back to organising things for the first aid effort.
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Don't. I'm going to be sleeping, proper sleep in a bed and everything, for the first time this month.

Yes, there's good news. Shall pass it on (or someone can beat me to the punch) when less unconscious. And sweaty. Hazmat suits are the evil.
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As you might be aware, yesterday Forge, Paige, Doug and Kitty finished the 'project' they've been working on for most of this month. What they haven't said, since they've been asked not to specifically, is what it was.

I can't tell you specifically yet either, because of patient confidentiality, but these four have basically been fundamental in helping save a life. They should all be proud of themselves, and possibly pampered for the next little while as they catch up on sleep. *wry*

Things aren't over yet, but the next stage is down to the medlab staff. And the helpers - don't think your work isn't appreciated either, despite recent 'hiccups'.
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Get your priorities straight when you're off shift. Eat first, then sleep, and don't bother with the journal system. It'll only irritate you when you're already tired and pissy.


Aug. 9th, 2005 07:48 am
x_bartlet: (and in the morning I'm making waffles!)
There were waffles! Outside my office door! And coffee! Which, since I've just finished a night shift, was a very pleasant surprise. Thank you, breakfast fairies. :)

Hank, want to combine trays? You do have that whole dexterity thing going for you, so I'm sure you can juggle baby and tray. ;)
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But is there a particular reason why there's a hurricane in the basement? I went down to see if Hank was down there working on the psi-proofing a certain impending arrival will need, and nearly got blasted all the way back up the stairs! Cain, has something gone horribly wrong somewhere?

Gah, soaking wet and you would not believe the mess my hair has tied itself into. Wanda, I think I may need your expert knot-untangling skills. If there's a person responsible for this... *stalks off, muttering*
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I'll be heading into New York tomorrow to collect a potential new student. Play nice now, people. ;) Don't want to scare her off.
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Those of us who went along with Hank to his parents' farm are back. I can't speak for the others, but I'm feeling much more relaxed. Then again, it's been a while since my last break, nerve-wracking meetings and all. *grins*

Haroun? That's fine, we'll catch up next week.

Charles, I got your note. I'll be right there.

So, did I miss anything?
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You may or may not notice a distinct lack of me around the next few weeks. With Moira's due date rapidly approaching, Hank's new parenthood and Jean's absence this weekend, I'll be on deck in medlab more often than not. This isn't to say I won't be available to people if they need me, just that email might be the best way to get my attention, rather than the usual waylaying me in the kitchen or in my suite.

Also, Carlie will be leaving us tomorrow morning. Our brother Joe has a gig in New York this weekend, and we'll be going and meeting him there before he heads back to Philly.
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Wanda and I are back in the Land of the Sugar-Crazed, but the looks of it. Who on earth inflicted that much ice cream on the student population?

I'm planning to take the rest of the evening off since I have some catching up to do, but I'll be back on deck tomorrow.

Um, does anyone know where Nathan is?
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I'm running away with Wanda to Alaska for a week. We're flying out tomorrow morning, should get there in the early afternoon their time before what is going to be an interesting drive to where we're going. Hopefully my supremely ordinary karma will mean nothing more exciting than a flat tire and possibly a bear sighting will happen. ;)

Can I enlist people to keep an eye on the remaining medicos? Make sure Moira's not living in the lab, Hank's managing to have a life and Jean's sleeping? Oh, and you'll have a substitute Bartlet for the week - Carlie's staying in my suite for the duration, and a little beyond before she has to go back to Philly and find work like the rest of us.

And for that I'm getting hit with a pillow. Excuse me while I defend my honor by throwing her in the pool. Don't mind the shrieking. ;)
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As long and hard as it was, it was actually sort of nice to be part of bringing a new life into the world, especially when the medlab's usually for putting people back together. And William is just adorable.

Jean, bedtime for you. I've got things down here. And I think I'm going to go coo at William some more...
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It's a wonderful ting, people. A night off, an evening spent away from the school and a much more cheerful outlook on life. Although that might have been the company more than anything. :)
x_bartlet: (and in the morning I'm making waffles!)
One of the things I like about this place is how little chocolatey treats appear in places you don't expect. Like the mud chocolate cupcake that showed up in my desk drawer. Cocolate makes everything, even silly men who like to bruise each other, much better.

And you're very welcome, oh chocolate fairy. :)
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Just a note to let the students in my classes know, I'll be in the faculty lounge tomorrow, totally and utterly at your service for exam advice, questions on areas that are bothering you, or indeed, anything else you might want to talk about. No research on other things, no medlab (barring emergencies), no distractions.
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