Jan. 30th, 2005

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Thanks, everyone, for making last night such a success. I think everyone enjoyed themselves - certainly most of the faces I saw were happy ones. Carlie and I are leaving at around lunchtime for Philly, and I'll be back sometime later tonight, given it's an eight-hour round trip. I just hope this weather holds.

Oh, and Carlie wants to leave a message, so I'm surrendering the keyboard for a bit:


Hey guys! I had a blast meeting you all, and I hope I didn't drive you all too crazy. Um, I'm hoping to come back again soonish, maybe sooner than later if Clarice finds her way to Penn U. okay. *grins* Mad has my email address for those of you I didn't give it to already, and Forge, we really have to sort out details and stuff for this HeliX business - I'll have those pamphlets and action plans and stuff I mentioned in the mail to you as soon as I get back. Jubes, love you heaps and look after yourself, all right? I'll see you before I go.

Farewell lunch before I go for whoever wants to join in? I'll be down in the kitchen at twelve - Mad says we need to be on the road by two at the latest.



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