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It's so pretty here, it really is. Considering my only other overseas trip was to Iceland, I'm glad there's much less in the way of work this time. Although I don't think anyone would be surprised if Hank and I ended up visiting the clinic while we're here, hmm, Moira?

I think I'll go for a walk. Yes, another one. *grins* There's a whole other side to the island to see yet.

Last call

May. 13th, 2005 08:42 am
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All those leaving for Muir this morning, get your butts downstairs - we're leaving shortly. I've left the emergency medical number with the people who are staying, and the doctors all have their pagers and Clarice on standby for any emergencies the locum can't handle.

Now, where did I leave that present?


May. 2nd, 2005 10:10 pm
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Whee! Thank you so much for the invite. Now the important question - what to wear?

I believe I saw mention of a shopping expedition in Lorna's journal? Sounds like we've got a perfect reason to strip the mall of its finery, ladies...
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Night shift for me this week. Just so you know where to find me, should you be looking.


Apr. 21st, 2005 01:17 am
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I'm back. Rather late, so I'm crashing now, but I'll see you all in the morning. Andrea's car broke down on the way back from the airport and we were stuck for ages waiting for AAA. Must have been all the presents in my luggage - be grateful, you excess baggage-inducing people. Just kidding, love you all, really. Especially since the medlab is apparently empty and the house is still standing.

I'll catch up with all the news in the morning when my vision isn't doubling quite so much. ;)
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((Voice to Text Enabled))

I'm about to head off, but this absence was arranged, so hopefully it won't be a shock. Clarice, expect a call from the EMS director. If you don't, call my cellphone number and I'll arrange another visit from someone less nice than I was. Someone with a law degree, perhaps.

Take care, all. I'll be back on the 20th.
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I've been making noises about an actual vacation since last November, and finally the fates have deigned to be kind. Of course, now I've said that a meteor will drop on the house, but that aside, from the 5th to the 20th I'll be on a cruise of the Carribean with Andy, an old FBI buddy. Hank, Moira and Jean have the medlab covered, my classes are all as prepared as they're going to be for finals and I have some serious relaxing to do.

In the meantime, if anyone needs me for anything, I suggest you grab me in the next few days. :)

And yes, Jubilee, I'll bring you back something.
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((Voice to Text Enabled))

I was thinking of going down to Harry's for a quiet drink or two, and I was wondering if anyone else was interested in joining me? It's the sort of day where I'd like to be in the company of my friends.

It's also the sort of day I wish I had two working arms. One armed hugs just aren't satisfying enough.
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hank, nice work on these stitches, almost as good as mine. ;) should hardly be a scar. and thank you so much for not drawing a fake moustache on me while i was under. ;)

gah. one handed typing sucks. i read like e.e. cummings. and here's me with an inbox of important taskforce-y stuff. one of the techie types wouldn't want to install one of those voice to text things on my laptop, would they?


Mar. 20th, 2005 04:27 am
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all present and accounted for, tho banged up and exhausted. keep the noise down tomorrow please?

yes, hank, sleepiign now. so should everyonne else.


Mar. 18th, 2005 04:33 am
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As discussed with my various classes, I won't be teaching today. You all have assigned work, and Shan's expecting you in the library.

Sean, sorry I didn't have a chance to grab you before I left, but when I get back, you, me and Harry's. There's all sorts of things I need your advice on, and it sounds like you need downtime.
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To solve the little mystery of the woman Remy and I brought back in handcuffs yesterday... Hank's condition was caused by her mutation, deliberately. Remy and I tracked the woman down and brought her back here to cure Hank, which she has done, and now she's being handed over to some colleagues at the FBI - she's responsible for the deaths of several people, with more matters to be investigated. She's made a full confession to at least one death, and it's extremely likely she'll be given a life sentence, on all accounts - I'll be following the case to be sure.

And now, once I've spoken to the nice FBI men, I'm going to bed. Wake me at your own peril.
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I'm going to be in New York for most of today, and the next. If you have any urgent medical issues, see Moira. Otherwise, if it's something small, the Red X volunteers are more than capable, as they've already shown, of dealing with it. Try not to have too much fuun without me, hmm?

Head count

Mar. 1st, 2005 05:05 am
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Moira and myself are fine, as are Jono and the two kids who were down in medlab with the 'flu. Hank's a little cut up, but nothing serious. Medlab helpers, once you're up and about in the morning/afternoon, we'll need your help putting this place back together...
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There was a plate of donuts waiting for me on my desk when I woke up this morning. And someone had turned on the coffee maker. Someone who managed to navigate the disaster that is my office without tripping over anything and waking me up, so I'm guessing it's a certain someone who can walk through things.

Thank you so much, Kitten. You've made a simple doctor very happy. The day is looking bearable now. Once I find my spare clean shirt, that is. Hmm.
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A hot bath, a glass of red wine, and The House of Flying Daggers on DVD. Now for night shift in a much more relaxed state of mind.
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I could have sworn those orchids weren't there a minute ago... And ooh, chocolate! *grins* Thank you so much, Hank. You're a sweetheart. They're lovely.

Class stuff

Feb. 9th, 2005 10:46 pm
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Sorry I haven't been around for the past couple of days... I'm not hurt, but I have been busy dealing with those who are. And likely to remain so, at least for the rest of the week. There is, however, some reading you can do - criminal justice students, the list is posted on the classroom door and there's your essays on the politics of homelessness and crime due in by next Monday. If anyone needs help, I won't be having regular office hours, but email me and we'll arrange something when I'm not in medlab.

Anatomy and Health and Wellness - there's some worksheets ready to be completed also in the classroom, in the marked trays. Anatomy, quiz Friday next week on the endocrine system. Health and Wellness, your assignments on the effects of caffiene are due on Friday - I'll mark them during medlab nightshifts.
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You fought so very hard, and nearly made it, but time was against you. Amazing game to watch, 'though. Even with that thing on Bradshaw's face being very distracting. And scary 70s halftime entertainment from Paul McCartney - "Live and Let Die"? Ugh.


Feb. 5th, 2005 05:03 pm
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In honour of the Eagles making the 'Bowl, I'm proposing an expedition down to Harry's and his widescreen TV to watch it. Anyone who wants to can come along - kick off's at 6.30 Sunday. If Hank comes along as well, Kurt's offered to play emergency taxi driver.

So, who's up for it?
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